I want to be disturbed by what you’re wearing. I want to be shocked and undone and delighted by what you’re doing and how you’re living. And I don’t want anyone to be afraid to put on their look, their body, their clothes anymore. Resistance is what is sexy, it’s what looks good and is hard to look at and what sometimes requires explanation.
dean spade, Dress to Kill, Fight to Win, LTTR 1. (2002)

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Time Traveler

I still have some spring outfits in my backlog. This one is all about ivory, my seasonal love.

The fact that I'm wearing a pocket watch necklace and a vintage dress made me think of a cute time traveler.

Necklace: ModCloth
Underskirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Madden Girl
Bag: Claire's

The dress is an oldie but a goodie vintage find from Ouna's Closet. I absolutely adore it, even if the sleeves are a bit short.  It stays fresh for me because I wear it only once in a while. It's best for rare chilly days, and I'm always a bit scared of accidentally staining it. I wore it out to watch a movie with friends. I wanted to keep the look simple with only ivory and let the necklace speak for itself. I'd been wanting a pocket watch necklace for a long time, but I was specifically looking for a silver one. I also wanted it to stand out from the other usual designs you see in many fast fashion stores. The "Old and New Pocket Watch Necklace" certainly does. It's shiny and elegant but still bigger than many other pocket watch necklaces. It has an etched filligree cover, which is a common feature I really like. But once you open it, you see it has golden numbers and a watch face engraved with a spotted design reminiscent of art deco. This use of both silver and gold tones makes for a pretty bold statement, so I think the best way to wear it is with clothing that is not too colorful. It deserves its own spotlight. After all, it can elevate monotone looks to another level of class.


Erica Sunshine Edwards said...

i love this look! it definitely gives me a time traveler feel as well. it's definitely a great vintage find (:


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