I want to be disturbed by what you’re wearing. I want to be shocked and undone and delighted by what you’re doing and how you’re living. And I don’t want anyone to be afraid to put on their look, their body, their clothes anymore. Resistance is what is sexy, it’s what looks good and is hard to look at and what sometimes requires explanation.
dean spade, Dress to Kill, Fight to Win, LTTR 1. (2002)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rufflecon 2014: Highlights

Going to my first lolita convention was pretty epic, but I actually didn't take that many pictures because I was so busy shopping and running from panel to panel! Here are some highlights:

The fashion show was probably the most anticipated event of the convention- the room was packed with lolitas. The brands and indie designers that participated all brought their own flair to frilly fashion. (Not just lolita, but goth and steampunk, too!)

I do Declare



Morrigan NYC

Enchantlic Enchantilly

Triple Fortune

After the fashion show, there was the "Variety Show", the "Handmade Contest" and the "Coordinate Contest". The Variety Show had everything from a girl singing in chinese, a couple dancing the foxtrot and a bellydancer. It was very entertaining! The Coordinate Contest was where the girls competed to see who put together the best outfit. In the Handmade Contest, contestants could show off their designing/sewing/crafting skills with their almost completely handmade outfits. I was amazed by these girls' creativity! 

The "Handmade Contest" contestants

The winner of the Handmade Contest was the girl in grey- she used 10 pounds of pearls to decorate her dress, her shoes, and make her crown!

The "Coordinate Contest" contestants

The winner of the Coordinate Contest is the girl in the far right. I didn't manage to get a good picture of her coordinate. But I thought all the contestants looked amazing!

I also put up a video on youtube of what I could film of Voltaire's set during the Masquerade, which you can watch here. My brother's a fan of him, and when I mentioned Voltaire was going to be at Rufflecon, he asked me to film him performing. His set was really fun, and I found myself really liking the music, so I guess he's got a new fan! :) The Masquerade was a bit dissapointing because of other issues, but I will talk more about that in another post. I'm probably going to write a post in which I talk more in detail about my experience at Rufflecon, the Tea Party & the Masquerade plus some obligatory outfit pics, and a haul/shopping & adventures around Boston post.

There was definitely a lot I couldn't capture... A lot of the models walked too fast for me to keep up, so I didn't get any good pictures of Redfield Designs and only one of Morrigan NYC. Proof of the amazing style of all the atendees is also something I'm lacking. If you want to see more pictures, I reccomend looking up Rufflecon or any specific brand up at tumblr, or their respective social media accounts.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Packing for Rufflecon

This post is partly for reference, so I can have a visual guide to see how I arranged things when packing to head back home, and partly because someone might find it useful.

Rufflecon is going on the 4th & 5th of October, but I'll be staying with family for a few more days. I thought wearing lolita clothing all week long might be less complicated than packing multiple syles (plus, I've always wanted to go on a "full lolita vacation") so I chose to bring along a couple of diffrent blouses and tights to coordinate with my three main lolita dresses. The item I've found absolutely indispensable while packing for Rufflecon is space saver bags.

I got this set of bags from amazon for $14 and they've helped me cut down on the bulk. You don't even need to own a vaccum, you can roll them up from the bottom (or sit on them with your huge ass, as in my case) to remove the air and flatten the clothing. 

The first puzzle you run into when packing lolita clothing is "What am I going to do with my petticoat?" It takes up a lot of space. While you can wear it in the plane if you want, this isn't a solution if you have various ones you'd like to bring. You certainly can't wear them *all*! The solution? Compress your petticoat in a space saver bag.

The "before and after" pictures.

I'm not sure how this will affect the petticoat's poofiness but I'm fairly certain it should regain its volume once I shake it and let it air out.

Putting my underwear, shorts, and camis all in a space saver bag was a no-brainer. But I also put my lolita dresses and blouses in the bags because, even if I have to thoroughly iron each one once I get to my destination- they make staying organized while packing so much easier. 

Thanks to the space saver bags, I managed to fit everything into my carry-on. (I didn't want to check my bag because I'm transfering planes and I'm afraid it might get lost.) 

Last time I travelled, I packed my jewelry in ziploc bags and had a bracelet get crushed and broken somewhere along the way. This time, I chose to keep the smaller items in a daily pill box. (Decorated with stickers for kawaii points! :P) I can still see where I put everything, and it's also more protected this time around. 

 My bigger accesories went into a bun set that came in a plastic box. Since the box is so roomy, I managed to store bobby pins, hair ties, safety pins, brooches and all sorts of other things together. I've heard a bead/crafting organizing case can also be used for this purpose.

I also put my mask and my headbands in a plastic box with some bubble wrap for added safety. I only used ziplock bags for non-fragile accesories: to organize the miryad of bows, hairclips, flowers, wristcuffs and gloves that I plan to coordinate with my dresses. 

I've stuffed all these bows around my cute satchel and my boxes of accesories on the bottom of the big bag I'm carrying at the airport.

And inside the satchel, the boxes with accesories that will hopefully also help it keep its shape.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Made with Love by Hannah

I've been watching this shop for years and haven't bought anything because it's a bit out of my price range. I usually only spend that kind of money on lolita clothing. (Maybe this is the stuff I'd wear if I wasn't so into it.) The fairytale and folklore that inspire Hannah's designs really shine through. They certainly remind me of the darling illustrations in the old storybooks I read as a child. The screenprinted fabric she makes looks wonderfully detailed and her use of vibrant colors is a breath of fresh air. She has kitschy and cute creations for every season: the Yodeler jumper and the Sweetheart skirt look fresh for spring/summer, while the Winter Woods and Kissin Kritters skirts bring quirky motifs and texture to any autumn/winter outfit. I love checking her shop every once in a while and seeing what she comes up with.

Lovely Hannah

I've been feeling uninspired lately, but thankfully, I'm leaving soon for Rufflecon! I'll make a post about how I've packed enough lolita clothing for my week-long stay and I will try to write a post about the event as soon as I get back.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Snow White and Rose Red

I had quite a hard time deciding what to wear on my birthday. Between practical concerns, my brown boots being in need of repair, and other worries, I spent a lot of time rifling through my prettiest things. I finally arrived at this outfit, which involves comfortable shoes and light layers. The dress is an old favorite, of course, and the cardigan is relatively new. I added some elastic to the sleeves and made the white bow to wear with it so it would go well with my lolita dresses. It's very light-weight, so it's perfect as a cover-up over jumperskirts on sunny days.

This outfit reminds me of the fairy-tale "Snow White and Rose Red". The story-book had illustrations in vibrant red, black and white, showing the sisters in their forest home (though I can't remember much more about the actual story). There's something damsel-like about the lenght of the dress and the loose cardigan.

Hairclip: English Charm
Cardigan: Old Navy
Dress: vintage
Tights: ebay
Shoes: Baker's

I do tend to feel a bit of anxiety when my birthday comes around, but it's more to do with people's judgements than with me growing older. I am now 24. It's very likely that I will continue looking for ways to add a little bit of magic & whimsy to my life for years to come. I really could do without the nagging sense that those who are outside looking in see a girl who refuses to grow up, but I think that it will only fade over time. Because I still *do* have some growing left to look forward to.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Don't Tell me to Smile

I often find it difficult to look bright-eyed and cheery in pictures. Many takes are ruined by a strained smile and half-closed eyelids, and it's frustrating... I haven't perfected yet the practised, easy smile that is supposed to make me look more "charming". (It's even worse when people ask you if you're okay when they see your neutral expression, as if it were hinting at some kind of emotional distress.) Back when I took these pictures, I'd given up on posting them because I could not capture a decent smile. But looking at them again, I found them salvageable. My pouty expression sort of goes with the parisian schoolgirl vibe of this outfit, doesn't it?

Beret: Claire's
Blouse: Sears
Jeans: Forever 21 +
Shoes: Payless

Now that you know what my resting "bitch" face looks like, let's move on to another topic. Back when I wore this I was watching American Horror Story: The Coven. I didn't like the first two seasons of AHS, I tried to get into them... I guess horror isn't really my thing. But once I heard the third season was going to be about young witches, I knew I had to watch it. It had some of the best fashion, and I liked it even as the story got progressively sillier. It may have displeased a lot of long-time AHS fans, but I thought it was a fun, wild ride. The series made me crave dark lipstick and all things black, so I put together this outfit in the spirit of preppy witches.

Brooch: Vintage

Accesorising blouses with diffrent brooches and collar tips is something I should do more often.